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  • Top 10 free lead management CRM for 2019 (PCMag)
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Unlimited customer database

In its essence, Bitrix24 CRM is a free and unlimited database of your customers – current, past, and future. See who’s bought what and when your client last placed an order at one quick glance. Segment customers by sales volume or specific items bought. This is all just a tiny fraction of what your new CRM is capable of.

Bitrix24 CRM allows you to automatically re-activate old customers who’ve been inactive, increase customer value by offering upsells or additional products to your most loyal audience in a simple, easy-to-understand interface that even novices can master within an hour.

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Leads and demand generation

Bitrix24 increases incoming leads by 26% on average within the first 30 days of using website forms, the live chat widget, and other demand generation tools that come with our CRM. Bitrix24 CRM helps you find new leads on social media and among messenger users. Lead scoring (qualification) and distribution can be fully automated.

Importantly, our free CRM tells you where most of your new leads come from, what percentage of new leads become paying customers, and how long it takes for this process on average. You’ll also know where your best leads come from, too!

Sales funnels and pipelines

Improving your sales process and conversion rates is much easier when you visualize your sales funnel and sales pipeline. Bitrix24 automatically racks each sale funnel step and each sales pipeline stage. What gets measured, gets improved.

Create as many sales funnels and as many pipelines as you need, and our sales funnel and pipeline analysis tools will show your bottlenecks and growth opportunities in the CRM reporting module. You’ll even see your progress as your sales process improves in real time. 

Bitrix24 CRM offers a wide variety of tools to help you find new clients, activate new sales channels, and optimize your marketing budget.

Generate leads via a multitude of channels, including web forms, live chats, phone calls, or social media, and have them added to your CRM automatically.

Use our built-in lead scoring tool to see which prospects your sales reps need to focus on. Set up your own, custom sales pipeline and move deals through each stage using automation rules and triggers.

Track and analyze actionable sales metrics. All the data is received and processed automatically requiring minimal setup. Make informed marketing decisions using Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence.

Navigate through your CRM records easily and find any client or deal data within a few clicks. Contact a client directly from the profile via Zoom, phone, or email. 

Configure access rights in your CRM to control the information available to your sales reps. Assign different roles to your team members based on their access level.

Use our CRM Marketing module to run email marketing, SMS, telemarketing, voice broadcasting, and Facebook/Google retargeting campaigns directly from your CRM.

Process orders, send payment links, accept payments, organize delivery – all within your CRM. Track orders in real time and increase your remote sales with Bitrix24.

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