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GLOBAL Internet technologies San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (1999) and GLOBALNET ® Internet technologies and software Tic. Ltd. Şti. (2011)

We support hundreds of institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad in the process of digital transformation with our companies by providing our knowledge and experience, as well as our expert technological solutions and services through our reliable infrastructure, with the principle of continuous and sustainable satisfaction.

GLOBALNET Bitrix24 Gold Partner certified ® as Bitrix24 on-premise (self-hosted) and license sales cloud products, in addition to our expert teams analysis, installation, customization, customization and automation of business processes and workflows, software ERP, VoIP, PBX integration, consulting, and training services we provide 7/24 technical support and continuous.

Bitrix24, which has more than 9,000,000 users worldwide, also has close to 10,000 users in Turkey. As GLOBALNET, in addition to our developing and growing customer portfolio, we also work to support other Bitrix24 users for effective and efficient use of solutions and conduct extensive advertising, seminars, and training activities for the expansion of Bitrix24 in Turkey.

In line with these approaches and goals, we have focused on Bitrix24 CRM products, become the most comprehensive partnership with the team in Turkey, and we are moving forward by taking leadership responsibility with the comprehensive services we provide in addition to our license sales.

We provide reliable, long-term trouble-free solutions and services to our customers by creating value in our sector with our 11 employees, outsourcing and consultants, as well as a team of 15 people, our reliable, reliable infrastructures, and strong business partners, and we can develop qualified and comprehensive projects.

For many years, internet technologies-oriented activities “domain name, website, email, hosting, virtual server, SSL security, SEO, social media and digital marketing” in the subject expertise and experience of our server-based, on-premise, or cloud version of both the requirements for and able to offer solutions for seamless, we are able to resolve issues quickly.

Comprehensive information about Bitrix24 CRM and GLOBALNET and you can access our sites and request our promotional documents if you want.

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