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Bitrix24 CRM ürün görseli ankara globalnet

As GLOBALNET® our services for Bitrix24:

  • Setup-  Installation on servers. Only for on-premise versions.
  • Configuration–  General configuration for corporate and users.
  • Customization– Customization for workflows and data structures.
  • Trainings-Basic user and Administrator level training
  • Automation- Workflow automation
  • Technical support – Periodic or continuous monitoring, backup, and technical support services
  • Consultation– Process consultancy, analysis, workflow diagrams preparation services
  • Apps support – Support and consultancy for the use of applications that extend the capabilities of the releases
  • Data Exchange, Data Transfer – Streaming data from other sites
  • Integration – Integration with Telephone, PBX, VOIP, SMS, E-Mail or various other special applications
  • CRM, BPM Optimization-Optimization of the established structure
  • Performance Audit – Detecting hardware and software problems, customizing the solution and settings
  • Virtual or Cloud Server –Virtual Server rental and technical support services
  • Large Projects – Large-Scale Intranet/Extranet and Big Data Networks– Solutions for comprehensive projects
Bitrix24 CRM eğitimleri globalnet ankara


  • Upon completion of the detailed installation process, Initial Training will be provided by our competent team on the use of the Bitrix24 application, depending on your preference, to your employees or employees in charge.
  • Within the Beginner Training, all users will have acquired all the necessary information to use the Bitrix24 application.
Bitrix24 CRM Özelleştirme hizmeti



  • As GLOBALNET, we aim to deliver the Bitrix24 package you have chosen, ready to use.
  • Pre-installation of your Bitrix24 CRM application is carried out by our expert team.
  •  All processes after the pre-installation process are analyzed and designed specifically for your company.
  • First, the basic configurations of your company are completed.

Custom design

  • After the completion of the basic configuration phase, as GLOBALNET, we prepare custom workflows in line with your special demands and integrate them into the Bitrix24 CRM application. 
  • Thanks to these specially designed business plans, we make your business processes the most efficient and easily manageable for your company.

Custom tools

  • After the completion of the basic configuration phase, as GLOBALNET, we prepare custom workflows in line with your special demands and integrate them into the Bitrix24 CRM application. 
  • Thanks to these specially designed business plans, we make your business processes the most efficient and easily manageable for your company.
Bitrix24 CRM veri transferi, data transferi ver uyarlama hizmetleri globalnet ankara


We transfer all your company or personal data to Bitrix24. “What is data transfer and how is data transfer done?” These questions are among the questions that come to minds of companies that want to transfer their business processes to Bitrix24 CRM application.

The transfer of data or software in the current system to different systems or software is called data transfer. 

Although it differs according to the sectors, data is of great importance for all companies. During the transfer of many different information and documents such as acquired data about both employees and customers, orders, offers, potential customers, security vulnerabilities should not occur, documents, information or files should not be lost. 

There are factors to be considered before data transfer and adaptation. First of all, the data sources within the company and the data created by these sources should be determined.

 Preliminary studies on which and how much of these data should be used in the new system, how to integrate different sources and how to create a relational data structure should be analyzed accurately and completely. 

Bitrix24 combines many functional features so that you can easily configure your company or business needs. In addition to customer relationship management and business process management, you can also manage and transfer your data with Bitrix24 CRM applications.

What Kind of Data Can Be Transferred With Bitrix24 CRM?

Customer databases (e-mails, business cards, company information, phone information, etc.),

Getting customer current information from another application,

Extracting data from your own website or from another website,

You can also receive migration service from our company when switching from Bitrix24 Cloud version to Self-Hosted version.

With Bitrix24 CRM solutions, you can use data more effectively in business processes and turn your investments into profits with this data. With Bitrix24, you can import or export your existing data in a very short time.

 Considering all these, a detailed study, observation and analysis is required before data transfer and adaptation takes place. With its expert and experienced team, GLOBALNET continues its efforts to transfer your company data securely and irresponsibly and adapt it to the new process. 

For answers to all your questions about Bitrix24, you can contact us and request support from our expert teams. With its reliable, easy-to-use and functional features, Bitrix24 offers you much more than an ordinary CRM application.

Bitrix24 CRM danışmanlık hizmetleri globalnet ankara


Consultancy service

  • Using the Bitrix24 app,
  • Improvements to be made in the package you are using,
  • As the GLOBALNET family, we offer you Consulting Services on all matters, including the improvements you want to make in your business processes.

Choosing the Right Product

  • As GLOBALNET, we perform technical analysis of your work and business processes.
  • As a result of the analysis, we determine the right Bitrix24 solution for you.
  • Thus, you can have a CRM solution that meets all the needs of your business activities at the lowest cost.
Bitrix24 CRM api entegrasyon globalnet ankara


GLOBALNET provides integration of third party applications that will increase your productivity with BItrix24. Our company, which provides uninterrupted Bitrix24 training and support services at any time, also has a team specialized in Bitrix24 API integrations.

 The Bitrix24 platform is structured to make workflows and business processes more functional and has an open API (Application Programming Interface) that allows users to develop cloud intranet solutions. 

API is the interface that allows the use of any application’s functions by remotely accessing them. API integration is the ability to connect many different applications to each other. 

Adding a new application to your Bitrix24 account and managing and tracking all your processes from one place is extremely easy.

With Bitrix24 you can integrate your own applications. You can integrate the products and information in your e-commerce site, accounting and erp software into Bitrix24; You can track sales, invoicing and customers from a single place. Bitrix24 API; 

– CRM,

 – Working groups and projects,

 – Data storage,

 – Notifications and activity streams, 

– Tasks, – Users and departments,

 – Calendars, 

– On for phone modules. 

Being able to manage your works and different processes in one place allows you to save both time and labor. For example, with Paraşüt API integration, you can receive, manage and track your invoices via Bitrix24. Integration of different accounting programs with Bitrix24, that is, accounting integration, is one of the most frequently preferred transactions by many companies.

Example API integrations

Logo integration,

SAP integration,

Integration with other online stores,

T-soft integration,

Ideasoft integration etc.

Software and Hardware Integrations and Installation

SMS Services

Telephone, IP Telephony, Virtual Switchboard, Call Center Integrations

Integration with Finance/Accounting ERP Software

Integration with Different Types of Applications Software

Data exchange over different devices within the framework of ioT/M2M Technologies

Working in separate programs can often be a waste of time and effort for companies. With Bitrix24, an integrated organization, it’s easy to run all your business from one place!

Bitrix24 API integrations that will help your company to make your business easier, faster and more manageable from a single source, are safe with GLOBALNET value-added services! It is our top priority that our customers’ business management processes become more functional and that they are satisfied with the service they receive in this regard.

Bitrix24 CRM Sürekli teknik destek globalnet ankara


  • Completing the installation and training of the Bitrix24 application will not mean that your partnership with us has ended.
  • As GLOBALNET, we offer you continuous technical support. Thus, you will be able to obtain permanent solutions to all your problems that you may encounter in the future.
  • You can also easily apply regular Bitrix24 updates to us.